“Otteri” Siva Entered “Cooku With Comali” Sets In Drunk State ?? Here’s His Clarification

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2 months ago

For past few days, a number of media portals carried a news that claimed “Otteri” Siva got removed from “Cooku with Comali” show after making his presence to the set in a drunken state. In a way responding to such news reports, “Otteri” Siva, in an interview with a youtube channel, got emotional and promised that he never committed such things. Siva said that no one humiliated him like how medias are portraying.

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The reality show “Cooku with Comali” which became a huge hit, demands a seasoned cook to join hands with a comedian to make delicious food items in order to impress the judges of the show. The show became a huge hit among the Television and Internet audience. Not only the women, even youngsters including college, school students started celebrating the show as it mainly concentrates on providing humour unlike other cookery shows.


Fourth season of the show got inaugurated on 28th of January 2023 with happening celebrities taking part in the show as “Cooks” and “Comalis”. Along with the likes of GP Muthu, Manimegalai, Pugazh, Raveena, Tiger garden Thangadurai, Kuraishi, Singapur Deepan, Monisha and Sunitha, “Otteri” Siva also took part in the show as one of the contestants. Siva rose to fame after one of his videos in which he asked his friend to give back his girlfriend went viral in social media platforms.

Makers of “Cooku with Comali” who thought that Siva would become viral and assuming that he would make a perfect match for the show as a “Comali”, got him on board. However, after few episodes, he got removed from the show which has chefs Venkatesh Bhat and Dhamu as judges. As soon as seeing the absence of “Otteri” Siva in the show, many media portals started spreading reports, saying that the individual reached the “Cooku with Comali” set in a drunk state and it made the makers to remove him from the show.



In a way responding to the same, “Otteri” Siva, in a recent interview, said that he didn’t get drunk and asked the public not to believe the rumours. “Who said that I got drunk ?? Come and ask in Vishal sir office, they will tell you” Otteri Siva said in the interview. He who got emotional on air, “Everyone would have written that way but I never got drunk. On my mother’s name, I never got drunk” he said.


“Don’t believe in youtube videos, I don’t have that habit of getting drunk. Who said that I got drunk ? If you give food, I will eat till my tummy gets full. I never got drunk. They would have got jealous of me and spread such rumours. I struggled 13 years to get into cinema industry. If I ever got drunk, I would have been lying in  floors. It is not true at all. If you get famous, they will also try to ruin your name” “Otteri” Siva said to the anchor who was interacting with them. “You saw me in Vishal sir’s office, How could I get drunk while staying inside Vishal sir’s office” he further added.

Watch the video below :

source : Aadhan Tamil 

Further, “Otteri” Siva said that he did many jobs including begging, picking garbage and as a daily wager. He also said that he acted as a junior artist in films before that. “If I had ever got drunk, I would accept it right away. I won’t lie” said Siva and wanted people to support him. He also said that no one humiliated him anywhere like how media portals are reporting. “They are all lie. Please don’t believe” “Otteri” Siva said in the video.

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