Only Tamil People Can Understand These 9 Tweets Which Went Viral Across The Internet…And Funny AF!

Taken tweeting to another whole new level !
Yes, some tweets are informative and some are entertaining, whereas some are downright hilarious! It’s a wonder that a less-than-140 character line can be so witty and funny.
And then there some tweets that only Tamilians can get! Specifically made for us, let us see some of those wacky sentences, shall we? 😉
1. Rightly teased, this attire is becoming our State’s symbol of costume for women! And this emphasizes another wtf factor called ‘Serial’ ! *facepalm* :/

2. Russian sports star or actress or police woman, all that matters to us is Palkova! *saapadu dan mukkiyam*

3. Comparison done right! When it comes to comedy, it can be only Goundamani for us! *take that, Deadpool* 

4. Engineer = Anjaneyar!! *forever alone

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5. The elements that define Chennai and we’re quite proud about! B-) *lifts collar high*

6. The comeback our Ulaga Nayagan gives! *neenga nalavara ila ketavara*

7. When the songs come to the rescue! *the struggle is real*

8. You can never get over the fever of Mouna Ragam! *Karthik, I love you!*

9. Auto wallahs becoming Annaaaaaaa! *naan auto kaaran*


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