Online Users Questioned Dinamalar For Their Edit Of A Students Selfie !! Actress Defended

Netizens questioned Dinamalar daily’s twitter handle for photoshopping a picture that is available in internet and using it for a program they are conducting for the students who are getting passed out from higher secondary. The picture showed a group of girls, presumed to be students, posing for a selfie. Netizens questioned why the daily changed the original picture in which the girls didn’t have a bindhi.


Comment section of the tweet was filled with similar reactions and actress Kasthuri who is known for acting in films and for participating in Bigg Boss show as a contestant, replied saying that it is to make the Tamil readers connect with the photo.

“Dinamalar guidance for higher education starts today, Top level experts are participating” read the headline of the twitter post uploaded by Dinamalar twitter handle.

Check out the tweet below :

Most of the reactions that surfaced for the tweet, pointed out how Dinamalar edited the picture of the girls with “bindhi” and “Thiruneer”. “Can’t you post the original picture?” asked a follower whereas another one commented saying “From a legal point of view, It may be illegal to modify the photo from its original form, if it is commercially purchased under certain terms. If it is not purchased, then it is heavily illegal under copyright. I’m not a legal expert, yet this is basic common sense”

Here’s some of the reactions :

Defending the daily’s decision of editing the picture, actress Kasthuri, through her tweet, said “Lot of conspiracy theories here. it’s not that complicated. The bindi is an attempt to make the northy girls in a stock photo look tamil. We do it in our movies all the time. We give even Amy Jackson a saree and bindi and pass her off as a tamilponnu”

Here’s her tweet :

Check out some of the reactions Kasthuri’s tweet received :


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