Online User Talked Ill About Vaccine To This Actress !! Check How She Replied

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CM / Updated: 2021-08-16
21:59 IST

While the entire world is trying to create awareness on how important it is to get vaccinated, an Instagram user named “Shankar” alleged that the whole “vaccinating process” is a “Big Pharma business” and said that the whole world became aware of it. He also pointed out the recent report that said 40,000 people in Kerala who got vaccinated got infected. The Instagram user made these statements in a post uploaded by Television/Cinema actress Meesha Goshal.


“Got my 1st vaccine in one of the Govt. centre near my place nd loved the way they’ve maintained it 👏🏼 just amazing. #covishield” said Meesha Goshal after adding the video of herself getting vaccinated.

Check out her post below :

It has been reported that the vaccination protects children from serious illness and complications of vaccine-preventable diseases which can include amputation of an arm or leg, hospitalization, pneumonia, hearing loss, convulsions, brain damage, and death. People, governments and celebrities across the country are influencing public to take vaccine as a precaution to the deadly virus COVID 19. On seeing the post of Meesha, a social media user uploaded a comment saying “Over 40,000 vaccinated people tests positive in Kerala”


Replying to this comment of him, Meesha questioned “So what is the purpose of this comment ? Every one is aware of the news for your information”

Here’s the screen shot of her reply :

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However, the user didn’t quit as he continued spreading hoax against the COVID 19 vaccines. Check out the screen shots of his comments below :

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“Do something in life for real, you don’t have the brains to give advice either, your words show your upbringing. Get yourself checked, something is seriously wrong with you. And uncle please get some better job in life, you sound you are really jobless and bored. get a life than correcting others lives.” the actress said and went on to advice a fellow Instagram user not engage with him.

Here’s the screen shot of her replies :

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Meesha Goshal is known for acting in films such as Raja Rani, Vada Curry etc. The actress who tried to create awareness among her 2 lakh plus followers, seemed frustrated after seeing the negativity spread by the Instagram user. It is hightime for people to realize that getting vaccinated is the only way to prevent the third wave from doing the damage. Comment your views on the user’s comment and Meesha’s replies to it !!

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