Online User Criticized Vivekh’s 18 Year Old Comedy Scenes !! Actor Replied


Comedy Actor Vivekh who is known for his socially responsible opinions in his movies, is no different in his real life as well. He who is pretty much interactive with his followers in Twitter, is currently busy participating in photoshoots. Recent looks displayed by him through photoshoots are being widely lauded by his fans and followers. Even a number of his colleagues from Tamil film industry complimented the comedy actor for his major transformation. Overwhelmed by the response, he also thanked those who helped him to get the look.

He who never shied away to respond to criticisms, recently replied to a follower who said that he couldn’t bear the comedy scenes that took place in his 18 year old film “Run” directed by N. Linguswamy. In the film which consisted a separate comedy track, Vivekh could be seen disrespecting his father in various ways and regretting about it while going through the tough times.

The film “Run” was released in the year 2002 by having Madhavan, Meera Jasmine, Vivekh in the lead roles. The film’s comedy scenes became a hit among the fans during its release time and is still ruling the Television comedy channels. Now, after 18 long years, a twitter user named as Senthil Kumaran, posted a tweet showing his displeasure over the comedy scenes of the film.

He said that he likes Vivekh as an actor and nature enthusiast. “But I couldn’t bear these kind of comedy scenes which are depicted in a way of disrespecting parents. This is not my criticism towards him. This is my personal opinion. However, I like his ideology on superstitions” he said in his tweet.

Now, replying to this tweet, Vivekh said “For disrespecting his parents, he fell in cooum river, lost his one kidney and happened to sleep with lepers on street. This is the moral” by writing “பெற்றோரை இழிவு படுத்திய காரணத்தால் கடைசியில் கூவத்தில் விழுந்து,ஒரு கிட்னி இழந்து, தெருவில் குஷ்ட ரோகி பிச்சைக்காரனுடன் படுத்து கிடக்கும் அவல நிலை ஏற்பட்டது. இதுவே முடிவு கருத்து”

Check out his tweet below :

This reply from Vivekh garnered positive response from his followers. Check out some of them below :

Watch the comedy scenes below :


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