One More Crime In Chennai.. A Girl & An Old Man Killed


Two persons died in a  horrific accident in Foreshore EState ( Pattinapakkam) on Monday night. The dead were a young girl in her 20s  who was a resident of the area and an elderly man.
Foreshore Estate police said that a chain of incidents led to this accident.
The girl had taken out cash for about Rs.25,000 from a ATM on R K Mutt Road, near Rani Meyyammai Girls School and was riding back home on a  scooter along with her friend when a young man on a motorbike raced up to her on the newly cemented road that leads from San Thome High Road to Foreshore Estate. He is said to have snatched the girl’s bag containing the money and sped away.
The girl is said to have revved up in her effort to chase the rogue and in that momentum crashed into a rusty road median divider on the side and knocked down a man walking past. Both people are said to have died on the spot; the pillion rider, also a girl fractured her leg.
The rogue who fled into Srininivasapuram was nabbed by local people and handed over to the police.
The police station is yards from where the crime and accident took place.
Agitated residents set fire to the rogue’s bike that was seized and were protesting on the road this Tuesday morning.


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