North Indians Atrocities In Reserved Compartments !! Train Delayed For One Hour !!

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10 months ago

Due to the passengers who belong to north part of the country, a Howrah to Kanyakumari Express train got delayed at Chengalpattu for one long hour and left the reserved passengers fuming. It has been reported that an argument broke out between the north indian passengers who didn’t buy ticket and those who reserved their seats already.

Reports suggests that the weekly special train to Kanyakumari is said to have carried more than 200 north people in the pre booked compartments.

Passengers who already booked their seats involved in an argument with the railway staffs while the train was parked at the Chengalpattu station for passengers. They said that more and more North Indian individuals are boarding in the train without proper and are occupying the seats that are booked for women and children.

The passengers besieged the Chengalpattu railway station official for more than one hour and after getting into an argument. Upon receiving the information, Chengalpattu city police and the Railway staffs unloaded the north Indians from the pre booked boxes and sent them on another train which caused one hour late.

“They slept on our seats and got only after we asked them to. We thought that they are going to get off in the next stop but we couldn’t even enter bathroom. Thy are sitting in the entrance of the bathroom. We pulled the chain two, three times but the guard came and asked only about who pulled the chain” a woman passenger said.

“We reserve tickets only to have a comfortable journey. How long could we sit and see them ?? How can we keep feeding milk to our babies by covering with clothes ? We women who are on our periods are waiting for them to move. Even if we try to convey, they are laughing at us” a Woman passenger complained.

Watch the video below :

Many online users expressed their displeasure over people who belong to north part of the country violating the rules and causing trouble to the common passengers who are looking for a peaceful journey.

Here’s some of the reactions that surfaced to the report :

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