No Channel Showed Interest To Buy Draupathy’s Satellite Rights !! Mohan Reacts

Director Mohan G who directed “Draupathy” revealed that no channel showed interest to buy his low budget film which turned out to be one of the most profitable film of the decade. Made with a budget of less than crore rupees, the film earned more than 14 crore, according to reports. The digital rights of the film got acquired by Amazon prime and is currently streaming.

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Mohan G said that no channel has interest in buying the film while replying to one of his follower in Twitter. To let his followers know about the film’s digital streaming will start from March 20 in Amazon prime, Mohan G wrote “Draupathi pirated HD everywhere now.. Will stream in Amazon prime this weekend.. Do watch at any platform with your daughter..” in his official twitter account.

Check out his tweet below :

To this tweet, one of his follower asked which TV channel bought the rights of the film. “டிவி ரைட்ஸ் முடிந்துவிட்டதா? எந்த சேனல்… “ the follower asked to which Mohan G answered by replying “யாருக்கும் வாங்க விருப்பமில்லையாம்..”

Check out his reply here :

Followed by this comment of the filmmaker, many started to mock Mohan G and his film. The “Draupathy” director continued to defend himself by mocking them back. Check out some of his replies below :

He also questioned which channel bought the satellite rights of low budget films such as Oththa Seruppu, Metro, Subramaniyapuram. He also asked those who are mocking him to know about the history behind Subramaniyapuram’s satellite rights. “This is the problem which are being faced by low budget films” he said in his tweet.

Draupathy film released in theatres on 28th of February and is being reviewed by the Netizens. The film which has actor Richard in the lead role became a subject to controversy since the trailer of it released. The “Pazhaya Vannarapettai” fame Mohan directorial is highly believed to be a cast based low budget film against a particular community has faced severe criticism across the internet. 


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