Nithya Released Video Against Balaji After Seeing Him In BIGG BOSS ULTIMATE!! WATCH

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Nithya, estranged wife of comedy actor Balaji, released a video in her Instagram handle, condemning the latter’s activities in BIGG BOSS Ultimate. She also let her daughter Poshika talk about her father in the video based on his activities inside the Bigg Boss house in the Ultimate version of the show. Nithya said that she will thrash Balaji apart if she gets a chance to get into the Bigg Boss house as a wild card contestant.


“Balaji is again trying to tarnish my image and do character assassination, that made me talk” Nithya said in the Instagram video in which she appeared with her daughter. “If he continues to do the same, I will let public know about what kind of harassments he made even after all the issues that took place between us” she said.

“I will make everything public including how he abused me and Poshika, how he let his driver abuse me and enjoyed it. I even have an audio recording of a conversation that took place between himself and Poshika. I am all set to submit them in the court if he continues to tarnish my image and also will release those files in my YouTube channel” The Bigg Boss season 2 contestant said.


“No matter if my image gets ruined, I will thrash is apart if I get an opportunity to enter the house as a wild card entry. He can’t keep acting as if he is an emotionally affected father and pity husband. I will definitely release all his audio calls, phone calls and messages one by one” Nithya said who also made her daughter talk.

“Don’t just pretend just for the media. Now, I know everything about what you are doing to me. I ma matured enough to know everything. I know which is good and which is bad. So stop doing this, if you continue doing this, we will keep releasing videos in daily manner” Poshika, daughter of Balaji warned.

Here’s the videos released by the duo :

It is notable that Nithya and Balaji entered Bigg Boss season 2 as contestants and had relationship issues going on in between them. The most awaited Bigg Boss ultimate got inaugurated on 30th of January with the already participated contestants of the celebrity game show taking part in it. The activities of the contestants are going to be streamed for 24 hours and Kamal Haasan welcomed the contestants in the inaugural episode of the cash rich show.

Vanitha Vijayakumar, Thamarai Selvi, Niroop nandakumar, Balaji Murugadoss, Suja Varunee, Snehan, Suresh Chakravarthi, Julie, Thaadi Balaji, Abhinay, Abhirami Venkatachalam, Suruthi, Shariq, Anitha Sampath are the foureen contestants who are going to take part in the show which is going to be streamed only on Disney plus hotstar. A one hour version of the show is also going to be streamed, said Kamal Haasan in the inaugural episode.

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