Next Time You Drink And Drive, You Will Have To Face A Punishment You Wouldn’t Have Ever Thought Of!

Due attention is being given to all Drink and Drive offenders by cops and a perfect example is being set by Hyderabad police. Obviously, punishing for drinking and driving isn’t a new concept. Earlier, the punishments were common such as sweeping for Swachh Bharat or holding placards.

This decision by the judge wasn’t an easy one!

On Monday, there were around 100 Drink and Drive offenders who were taken and presented in front of Hyderabad court. This time, the punishment was going to be a tough task for the offenders. The judge gave his decision that 31 1st time offenders would be getting 1st hand experience in controlling traffic. However, this was applied only to those whose blood-alcohol was less than 100mg for every 100ml blood. 10 of them were sent to Hyderabad Traffic Control Room, while others were asked to report at Koti intersection and Mozamjahi Market.
They had to report around 10 am in scorching heat with bit complaining and whining and were there for 5 hours. This decision was supported by Goshamahal Traffic Training Institute’s traffic cops.

What purpose would this solve?

Well, this punishment would be serving a 2-fold purpose. Apart from these 31 people, other motorists too would get the message that such things would happen if they are caught drinking and driving. Now we are sure that everyone would think twice before they drink and drive.


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