Netizens Lauding Mother For Bravely Saving Her Child From A Huge Snake !! WATCH

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CM / Updated: 2022-08-13
15:16 IST

A viral video that shows a mother saving her child from a long snake which breached into their residence is trending in the online platforms with netizens appreciating mother for her brave act and timely gesture. As soon as seeing her son running towards the snake, she could be seen grabbing him from the deadly reptile and runs away. The video is being widely shared by online users to create awareness ahead of the rainy season.


In the video, the mother and son duo could be seen coming out of their house together. At a point, the son who seems to be 4 or 5 years old, walks ahead of his mother and steps outside. He could be seen wearing a sandal. In the meanwhile, a long snake which is nearly 6 feet long, slowly crawls across the doorstep of the house.

Soon after realizing that stepped on the snake, the boy gets frightened and tries to run towards his mother who was standing beyond the snake. The mother who witnessed the snake comes forward to get his son but the snake which saw the boy running towards it was seen jumping at him to harm him.

However, the mother swiftly grabbed her son from the snake and went away from it in a fraction of second. The snake could be seen leaving the doorstep at the end of the 38 seconds long video which is going viral among the users of the social media platforms. Watch the video below :

Many who saw the video lauded the mother for her presence of mind and brave gesture of saving her child without fear. “Good that she grabbed the child, few would get panic and forget what to do” a social media user said whereas another user said “Her sense of timing to pull the kid right on time. Superb”

Check out some of the reactions below :

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