Netizens Condemned Traffic Police For Behaving Rude To A Vehicle With Pregnant Lady !!

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7 months ago

A viral video which shows a traffic police stopping an auto which has a pregnant lady as customer and demanding penalty of Rs. 1100 for entering into no entry got surfaced in the internet. The 24 second long video shows the traffic police repeatedly asking the individual to pay the fine amount. Most of the comments that surfaced under the video condemned the police for behaving rude and many accused police officials of not minding posh cars breaching the traffic norms.


Days ago, Chennai traffic Police department announcement a fine amount of Rs. 1100 for riding vehicles in no entry. It has been announced that Rs. 100 will be collected for breaching no entry and Rs. 1000 for causing danger to others. In total. “Rs. 1100 will be collected if public breaches no entry” said the Police department.

Now, a video which shows an individual arguing with a traffic police after entering no entry got surfaced in internet. In the video, the individual could be seen saying that the auto he came in has a pregnant lady and a child and he entered the road for emergency purpose. He also could be heard asking whether there was “no entry” board placed.

However, the police official repeatedly says that the fine amount is Rs. 1100 for entering “no entry”. The man even questions the officer whether he was drunk and asks him to behave like a police officer. Watch the video below :

Many users who saw the video came up with comments supporting the individual who argued with the police. “They will stop people who comes from middle class but will excuse BMW and Audi” a user commented whereas another one said “please see that, how the police treat the public, if they have money one will ask question. Since they are being in auto, SI shown his power. The normal public status in Tamilnadu” tagging Cheif minister of the state.

Check out some of the reactions below :

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