Netizens Called Out Priyanka & Deena !! WATCH

As the entire world is raising voice racism and seeking equality right now, a video clipping of Vijay TV anchor Priyanka Deshpande and TV comedian-cum-actor Dheena is being widely shared among netizens with captions slamming the duo for the way they tried to make fun of Nisha, anchor and comedy actress of the same channel.


KPY Dheena 1

Many alleged that their humour is in bad taste and they could only get a feel of irritation instead of laughter. In the video clipping, Priyanka who holds the camera asks Dheena why they are saying that love is blind. Dheena replied by saying that the fact it is true. He turns Nisha who is standing aside forcefully towards the camera and says “Ithukku la Kaathal Kalyanam Nadantha . . Kaathalukku Kann illa nu Thaana Arththam ?” (An ugly looking woman like this managed to get love marriage, then it means “love is blind” right ?) Priya responds by giving a handshake to Dheena saying “You are absolutely right. Sorry”

Watch the video here :

This video blew up in no time and triggered netizens in big time. “Do u really think its funny” asked one of a twitter user whereas another one tagged the official twitter account of Priyanka and wrote “Dear Priyanka, I am extremely fond of You as an anchor. But this video is extremely racist and disgusting. What kind of message are You guys sending to people? Time and again Dhina and Vijay Tv is making fun of people in the name of color and fat shaming celebs”

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Check out some of their reactions below :


Days ago, George Floyd, a black man was died after four police officers handcuffed him and pinned him to the ground with their knees. A video of the arrest surfaced online where he can be seen pleading the officers to let him breathe. George was pinned down by the neck by a Minneapolis police officer and died. He laid there, fighting for his life, struggling to breathe, and other officers just stood there and watched.

This incident created huge outrage across the world where people started raising voicing supporting black people. An hashtag saying “Black lives matter” trended in Internet to prevent racism in future. Now, this video from the Vijay tv stars who casually threw shade on people who looks black triggered netizens in big time. Comment your views !!


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