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10 months ago

Actor Redin Kingsley who is known for his performances in films such as “Kolamaavu Kokila”, “Doctor”, in a recent interview, said that Nelson Dilipkumar is currently working on the writing process of Rajinikanth’s upcoming film which is tentatively titled as “Thalaivar 169” and has also said that the filmmaker is pretty much pumped up, seemingly due to the trolls and criticisms he received for his last film “Beast” starring Vijay.


“Beast”, actor Vijay’s most anticipated flick which got released on 13th of April, became a box office success but recieved mixed reviews from fans. The film which revolves around a group of terrorists hijacking a shopping mall with 200 plus civilians to make the government release their head, shows Vijay as Veera Raghavan, a Raw agent who is fond of kids. Being a skillful spy, Veera Raghavan who gets caught inside the mall with public, manages to escape a sum of civilians from the terrorists and claims that he is from another group that belongs to Bangladesh.


The terrorists group which decides to give up, finds out that the claim made by Raghavan is a lie and successfully releases their head from prison. Rest of the film relies on how the protagonist re-arrests the terrorist group head by entering Pakistan. Actor Vijay, for the first time, played the role of a raw agent. Failing to exceed the expectation level of fans, the film also became a subject to severe online troll after original pilots of flight jet saw the clips from the movie and questioned about the logic. Now, on seeing the promotions and quality of every movie that gets released, Vijay fans are fuming over the disappointment they faced due to “Beast”.

Old interviews of the filmmaker are being dragged every two days once and the filmmaker is being questioned through the micro blogging social media site by the fans. Recently, Malayalam actor Shine Tom Chacko who acted as a terrorist in the film, also blamed the writing of the film in one of his recent interviews. Read : Malayalam Actor Shine Tom Chacko Brutally Trolled “Beast”!!


Now, actor Redin Kingsley who is known for his collaborations with the “Beast” maker, in an interview, has said that Nelson is busy writing for his upcoming film of Rajinikanth “Thalaivar 169”. Talking about the reaction of fans about “Beast” film, Redin said that the film was good but few things didn’t go the expected way. Redin also brushed off the rumours about director K.S Ravikumar getting on board as a writer.

“The discussion got completed recently and the  writing process of first half got completed recently. Antha Veri la irukkaru . .  Adichu Thookuvaru” Redin said in the interview.

Watch the video below :

Watch the full interview below :


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