“Neeya Naana” Husband Reacted To The Trolls That Attacked His Wife !!

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6 months ago

Seeni Raja, husband of Bharathi who took part in the recently shot “Neeya Naana” show, reacted to the trolls that were made against her. Expressing his displeasure, Raja said that his wife talked that way like how she talk to him casually in their home and the users of Internet started trolling her due to misunderstanding. He said that his wife is the one who looks after him by going to job as he is sick.

In the recent “Neeya Naana” episode, the debate took place between “Women who earn more than their husbands” versus the “Husbands who earn lesser than their wife”. The television’s social media handles uploaded a particular segment from the show as a promo and it went viral among the online users.

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In the 3 minute long clip, a wife could be seen complaining about her husband for getting offended over her signing her daughter’s progress report without showing it to him. “I will sign the report card after seeing it for a glance and he will keep looking at it for an hour. He didn’t even know the spelling of “social science” and I have to read it to him” the wife could be seen saying. “To avoid explaining it to him, I would sign the report card” she adds.

Gopinath asked the husband why he keeps looking at the progress card for a long time and he replied “I never used to get marks more than 10. Seeing my daughter getting marks such as 75, 81, it makes me feel good. I get happy seeing my daughter doing what I can’t do, I feel so happy”



“My daughter wants to become a Doctor. I want to make her a Doctor as per her wish” he further says. Gopinath asked the wife whether she never thought about why he looks at the report card for a long time and the wife replies saying “He will be reading ABCD for one hour” and laughs. Even after Gopinath said that he sees him as an “epic” father, the woman replies “He is still in the 90s, not living in the present that’s the problem”

In a way of replying to her, Gopinath decided to provide the Gift he used to give during the end of the show to the father, saying “He is one of the best fathers I have ever seen” and invited his daughter to present it to him. After giving him the gift, the daughter says “My father didn’t lose, He is doing everything for me” with the people in the hall applauding for the father and daughter duo.

Watch the video below :

As a reaction to the video, many users of internet started condemning Bharathi for humiliating her husband in front of public. Memes, Trolls and Attacks surfaced in internet against her. Now, in an interview with a youtube channel, Raja said that his wife made such statements in a playful manner that doesn’t requires to be taken seriously.

In the interview, Seeni Raja said that many of his ventures became a loss and his health condition made him to not go for work. Seeni said that his wife takes care of him by spending money for his dialysis and he couldn’t live without her. “Monthly, it takes Rs. 20-25 thousand for my dialysis treatment. My wife and my father takes care of the expense” Seeni Raja says in the interview.

Watch the video below :

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“I should be taking care of my father but he is earning to look after me” he felt emotional. “She always be talking in such jovial way in our house. That was just a playful joke and it went wrong. I saw all the trolls and memes and got a bit disappointed. Ours is just arranged marriage but people will think that it’s a love marriage. We will behave in such way. The thing she said in a playful manner went wrong. I felt bad seeing the memes, trolls and comments” Seeni said.

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