NEET Aspirant Recorded Video Before Killing Himself !!

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CM / Updated: 2022-06-30
21:14 IST

A student named Dhanush who was residing in Choolaimedu, Chennai, committed suicide after recording a video of himself. According to his relatives, the youngster wanted to study NEET and was happily playing with kids till the evening before the day of his death. Video of the youth confessing that he is the sole reason for his death has left people devastated.

In the funeral, mother of the deceased was seen crying “have you seen the video of my child??” to vent her emotions out. “He said that no one should be like him in the video” the mother cried.

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Dhanush was living with his parents in Subbarav street that is located in Choolaimedu, Chennai.. Completing his 12th examination, the teen was getting prepared for his NEET examination as his ambition was to become a doctor.

Recently, he killed himself by hanging and recorded a video of himself confessing about the reason behind his death. Dhanush said that he is the sole reason for his death and requested everyone not to disturb his mother.

“No one caused my death. I am the only one who is the reason for it. It was me and me only. No one else” the youth could be heard saying in the video. “I don’t want you people to imagine that someone else caused my death” he said.

“Because I grew a knowledge for myself without knowing what was my capability. That was my mistake. Don’t disturb my mother after my death” he was seen saying.

“I don’t even know how to decide my future and is becoming a worst person. My mind got collapsed and I’m in sheer depression now. I am leaving. . bye” the youth said at the end of the video.

Watch the video below :

Credits : Polimer  

“He was studying from home and we joined him in an academy. He went only 10 days and he didn’t have satisfaction in going to the academy. He used to say that he was studying well in the home and going to the academy didn’t improve his skill” relative of the youth said to the media.

“We didn’t ask him to become a Doctor. He was the one who said that he want to become one and took Biology group. He would explain to me about how the parts of our body is functioning. He himself said that he would give it a try and I said “just try”. Our entire family didn’t force him to study that group. Even a month ago, he said that he would score 500 plus mark. Even last evening he was playing with kids happily but when everyone in the family moved away, he took this decision” the relative cried.

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