“Nee Mudu” – Tamil Actress Replied To A Tweet Of Madan Gowri!!

  • Kaajal Pasupathi
  • Madan Gowri
11 months ago

Actress Kaajal Pasupathi who is known for appearing in Tamil films as a supporting artist, is pretty much active in social media platforms especially in the micro blogging social media site. Tweets of the actress will mostly be posted in support of the ruling party of the state. The actress is mainly know for her collaboration with late actor Vivekh and also gained widespread fane after participating in the first season of Bigg Boss show as a wild card entry.


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On Thursday, Kaajal replied to a tweet uploaded by YouTuber Madan Gowri in which he opined about how India lacks a strong opposition leader. Kaajal, in her reply, asked the youtuber to shut and her reply garnered wide reach among her followers.

Madan Gowri, a popular Tamil vlogger who is very much known for his infotainment focused videos in Youtube, enjoys more than 60 lakh subscribers for his channel. Apart from Youtube, he is also interactive with his followers in other social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter etc.


It is common for an icon like Madan Gowri to receive personal criticisms from random users of social media regarding various things as he covers topics from all over the world in daily manner. So far Madan Gowri uploaded 1000 plus videos in his youtube channel and receives at least 1 million views per video.

On Thursday, the youngster came up with a tweet saying that the country led by BJP party needs a strong opposition leader. “India needs a stronger opposition leader!” read the tweet of the youtuber.

Here’s his tweet :

The tweet garnered 14 k likes with various kind of reactions from the twitter users and the one that topped all of them is the reply made by actress Kaajal Pasupathy.

The actress said “Nee Kudu” (Shut up) as her reply. Check out her reply below :

Check out some of the reactions Kajal’s tweet received :



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