Nano Chip Found Inside 2000 Rupee Note?

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If this is true, this could be the biggest news of 2017 and would lead to black money hoarders getting a heart attack.

After the demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupee notes, the government of India and the Reserve Bank of India released a new denomination, the 2000 Rupee note. Initial speculation about the 2000 Rupee note was that it housed a micro chip which functions as a GPS tracking system. This would later go on to become a sensation, because this was one of the finest move against corruption. Few days after the 2000 Rupee note was released this speculation went down after few people tore the note apart to find the GPS only to return empty handed.

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But this video, which was released last year has gone viral. The video claims of someone having located the nano chip inside the 2000 Rupee Note. However, experts in the field of Information Technology have termed the claim as bogus. Their contention is that the nano chip is effective only in extremely close range, and thus it cannot help locate cash even if one believes that there is a chip in the note.

You can watch the video and decide for yourself.

You can read the original article here


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