Nani’s Statement About Nepotism Behind Ram Charan Caused Rift Among Fans !!

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4 weeks ago

Nani and Rana Daggubati are two of the biggest stars in the Telugu film industry, also known as Tollywood. Both actors have made a significant impact in the industry with their exceptional performances, unique styles, and immense popularity among the audiences. Recently, they shared their views on nepotism in the film industry during an episode of the talk show Nijam with Smita.

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from Dasara

Nani, who is an outsider in the industry, has made a name for himself through his hard work and dedication to his craft. He believes that the audience plays a crucial role in promoting nepotism in the industry by always wanting to see the children of popular actors on the big screen. In contrast, Rana Daggubati comes from a family that has been a part of the film industry for decades, and he feels that it is his responsibility to carry forward his family’s legacy.

In a promo that got released for the show, Nani could be seen saying that only 1 lakh people would like to watch his first film whereas Ram Charan’s first film would have 1 crore viewers and questioned whether people are supporting Nepotism.

Watch the video below :

His opinion garnered various kind of reactions in internet platforms. Check out some of them below :

Rana’s grandfather, D Ramanadiu, and father, Suresh Babu, are producers in Tollywood, and his uncle Venkatesh and cousin Naga Chaitanya are also successful actors. Rana’s entire family has made significant contributions to the industry, and he takes pride in continuing their legacy. He believes that if one cannot carry forward their family’s achievements and legacy, they are doing a disservice to their family.

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Nani and Rana

While Nani and Rana have different views on nepotism, they both acknowledge the impact it has on the industry. It is essential to recognize the talent and potential of outsiders, but at the same time, it is also crucial to acknowledge the contributions of families who have been a part of the industry for decades.

Nani, who turned 39 recently, is one of the most celebrated actors in Tollywood. He has won several awards for his outstanding performances, and his popularity continues to soar with every film he stars in. His latest release, Tuck Jagadish, received mixed reviews from critics and audiences, but Nani’s performance was lauded by everyone.

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Telugu Top Heros

On the other hand, Rana Daggubati is set to make his digital debut with the Netflix series Rana Naidu. The show is an Indian adaptation of the popular series Day Donovan and also features his uncle Venkatesh Daggubati. Rana’s last film, Aranya, received critical acclaim for his performance and the film’s message on the importance of conservation.

In addition to his acting career, Rana is also a successful producer and entrepreneur. He co-owns the production house Suresh Productions with his father and has produced several successful films. Rana is also the co-founder of the South Indian celebrity chat platform SouthBay, which has gained immense popularity among fans.

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actor Nani

Nani and Rana have both made significant contributions to the Telugu film industry and continue to inspire audiences with their exceptional performances. Their differing views on nepotism have sparked an important conversation about the industry’s workings and the need for equal opportunities for all. While it is essential to acknowledge the contributions of families who have been a part of the industry for decades, it is also crucial to recognize and encourage the potential of outsiders. Ultimately, it is the audience who holds the power to shape the industry’s future, and it is up to them to support and encourage all talented individuals, regardless of their background.

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