Mysskin Replied To The Meme Creators Who Made Fun Of Him !!

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8 months ago

Responding to the memes and trolls that surfaced making fun of him for stating that he watched Japanese classic movie “Seven Samurai” thousand times and is willing to watch it thousand times more, acclaimed director Mysskin said that such things would be stated to express the unconditional love towards certain things and those who are trying to find meaning in it can’t create anything in their life. The filmmaker also made a joke about how one should exaggerate while appreciating a girl’s looks.


Mysskin is one of the prominent filmmakers of Tamil film industry right now. Influenced by seasoned filmmakers such as Akira Kurasowa and Alfred Hitchcock, Mysskin is known for his unique way of storytelling unlike other filmmakers of his era. He debuted to Tamil film industry through “Chithiram Pesuthadi” which became a blockbuster due to an item number “Vaazha Meenukum”.

The filmmaker rose to fame after making critically acclaimed films such as “Anjathe”, “Onaayum Aatukuttiyum” etc. He also enjoys a separate fan base for his interviews for youtube channels. The filmmaker who would generally give interviews from his room that is filled with books, would give fantastic movie suggestions, apart from sharing about his experience in the film industry. Screen shots from his interviews often made it to the mainstream social media as a meme template.

Seven Samurai poster scaled

In one of the interviews, Mysskin, favourite film of whom is Akira Kurasowa’s “Seven Samurai”, said that he watched the film 1,000 times so far and is willing to watch it 2,000 more times. On seeing the interview, an user from the social media platforms, started calculating the time that will consume to watch the movie 1000 times and posted it in social media to make fun of the director’s statement.

Here’s the video :

Screenshot from his interview also trended as a template among meme creators. The filmmaker came to know about the same through his assistant director and registered his response. “I said something about watching 10,000 times and a group started making calculations, it is the biggest joke. My assistant brought it to my attention. Who could watch something for 10,000 times, it’s just for the exaggeration” said Mysskin inthe interview.

“If a girl looks beautiful, we could tell she looks gorgeous, we can’t say she looks “okay”. People are dull. When my assistant showed that calculation to me, I came to know that he is not a reader. He can’t create anything in his life” the filmmaker said and wittily added that he watched the film 600 plus times.

Here’s the video :



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