“My Plan To Make It Viral Worked Out” Kasthuri Happily Said !! Check Out People’s Reactions !!

CM / Updated: 2019-03-04
18:58 IST

Actress Kasthuri, since morning, severely trolled by netizens for her stunt in “July Kaatril” audio launch. The program had huge cinema personalities such as director K.S Ravikumar, actor Karthi etc.


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While welcoming Actor Karthi, Kasthuri said “Come I want to take a quick selfie with you as we don’t have your father around” and tried to take a selfie. Karthi initially accepted and posed for the selfie but got frustrated after what Kasthuri said about his father.

The actor got frustrated and started to express his anger on Kasthuri where he indirectly mocked everyone who tries to take selfie with celebrities without permission.

“Nowadays it became a habit to take selfie without someone’s permission. Selfie lost it’s respect and no one is asking before taking a picture. Placing it infront of our face without asking and the flash it produces will affect the people who has migrant problem. No one has the dignity of asking permission before taking selfie which is vert regretful. This is the time I could speak otherwise I cannot able to speak about it” Karthi indirectly mocked the people who are taking selfies with celebrities without permission.


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Following that Kasthuri clarified that her act was intentional as he wanted to create moments to make headlines. She also denounced those who takes selfies without permission especially with female celebrities.

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Now the actress has came up with a tweet with a picture of her standing with Karthi and K.S Ravikumar saying that it all was deliberately done to promote the movie “July Kaatril”. In her tweet she said “”ஜூலை காற்றில்” படத்தின் இசை வெளியீட்டு விழாவில் ஏதாவது வைரல் விஷயம் வேண்டும் என்று செய்தது 🙂. Work out ஆயிருச்சு. இதை நம்பி கொந்தளிக்கிற emotional guys ☺️ கண்டிப்பா July Kaatril படத்தை என்ஜாய் பண்ணுவீங்க. Its Show Biz Guys ! #GetTheRealPicture”

But the followers of her did not bought her statement and started trolling in a most hilarious way. Check out some of their comments :


Do you accept her statement ?? Comment your views below !!

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