“My Friends, Army Buddies & Colleagues Are Disappointed” – Captain GR Gopinath !!


Captain G. R Gopinath, founder of Air Deccan who inspired director Sudha Kongara to make the movie “Soorarai Pottru” through his book “Simply fly”, has came up with a series tweet sharing how his friends and colleagues felt after watching the film. He who said that they are disappointed that the movie has not been true to the actual facts of his book or life, sent a message to them saying that the movie is fictionalised for cinematic effect. He also convinced them saying that there is a good meat beneath the “masala”.

Earlier, G.R Gopinath posted a series of tweets after watching the film on its release day. He said that the film was heavily fictionalised and appreciated Sudha Kongara, Suriya Sivakumar and Aparna Balamurali for pulling off such a project in an appropriate period which he describes as “times of gloom”. He also said that the makers captured the film outstandingly and didn’t dilute the essence of the story of his book.


Now, in his recent tweets, Gopinath shared how his friends and buddies felt after watching the movie. “A few school friends, army buddies and colleagues in Deccan are disappointed that the movie has not been true to the actual facts of my book / life depicted in Simply Fly. I tell them that it is fictionalised for cinematic effect but beneath the ‘masala’ there’s good meat !” his tweet read.

Further, Gopinath stated that staying completely factual would have made “Soorarai Pottru” a documentary which has value but a differs from cinema. “A hero may seem ‘macho’ but is vulnerable and the movie shows ‘heroes’ need emotional support from wife and family to win, and team members often sacrifice more than the hero.” he mentioned in his tweet.

Captain also shared how well Sudha Kongara has depicted the character of a “wife” in the film. She can share the dream of the hero without sacrificing her own dreams, She can support the male without subordinating herself and losing her own identity and self esteem. On the contrary she can give a fillip and uplift the husbands spirits when it’s flagging, Captain believed and said that Sudha depicted it through Aparna very eloquently.

He also made people understand about the true message the film carried. “I’m a failure only when I quit. I’m going to get up every time I fall. It’s about not only persisting but believing that there are also good people and the sun will rise and doors are opened. That’s the true message of the movie portrayed so dashingly and convincingly by Suriya.”his tweet said.

“Soorarai Pottru” is receiving overwhelmingly positive response from the fans of Tamil cinema. The film’s plot revolves around Nedumaaran Rajangam’s constant struggles to initiate an Airline of his own to make simple people travel in it. Director Sudha Kongara, in an interview said that the film is not a biography but she took inspiration from G.R Gopinath’s autobiography “Simple fly” and made a story that is suitable for the entertainment medium. Read : Captain G.R Gopinath’s First Tweet After Watching “Soorarai Pottru” !!


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