Multiple Girls Accused Celebrity Tattoo Artist Of Sexually Harassing, Groping & Molesting !!

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A post on Reddit which narrates the ordeal an 18 year old girl went through while getting tattooed by an individual named Sujeesh has created huge outrage among the online users. He who runs a tattoo studio with 50k plus followers in Instagram, reportedly tattooed many celebrities and is now accused of sexually harassing several women who visited his studio. The post of the 18 year old girl sent shock waves among the public with many celebrities raising voice against the molester.

Based on Kochi, Kerala, Sujeesh runs a tattoo studio named “Inkfected”. As soon as the Reddit post went viral in social media platforms, many other women came forward to name Sujeesh as a harasser. The Reddit post is about an 18 year old girl who went to the studio of Sujeesh to get a tattoo in her lower back.


The post says that Sujeesh started with asking inappropriate questions such as whether she has had sex or not and about her previous relationships etc. According to the post, the accused touched the girl inappropriately, all the while having the tattooing needle on her back, before he allegedly raped her.

The post created a huge outrage among the users of online platforms with many survivors coming up with their own traumatic experiences with Sujeesh in his studio.

“That’s when he started loosening up my jeans more. He did ask if i was ok with it and i said yeah coz my dumbass genuinely thought it was coz he was getting to the lower parts of the tattoo. Then he started holding my stomach for support and pulling me towards him. That’s when my instinct kicked in but i was terrified of moving and i never thought he’d have the audacity to do something. And this mf just removed my pants while he still had the needle on me” read the post of the alleged 18 year old victim.

“And then went into my underwear and started doing whatever He had gloves on and asked me if i was on my period. I didn’t speak. I just froze and couldn’t process wtf was happening. I wasn’t on my period but I guess i was spotting. So he stopped tattooing and took a tissue wiped down there and went on to use his finger to do whatever and then he stood me up bent me over and again asked if I liked bdsm. First off I wanted to puke from the pain of tattooing, i was so nauseous i thought I’d faint. I said nothing and this asshole tattooed me while i was bent over and made it more painful somehow. I didn’t speak a word” she said.


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“I didn’t say stop i didn’t say no. I just felt like dying right there on the spot for being so stupid. then he just turned me around and kissed me and then he removed his pants and had sex with me from behind without a condom. My phone started ringing then. And that was the first time i spoke and i said it’s my mom and i have to go back home. He said ok, fucking wiped down there again and said the tattoo is incomplete so come back on Tuesday. You don’t have to pay for it. I felt so disgusted. I went out pretended like nothing happened asked my friend to just drop me home and that was the end” post of the victim read.

As soon as the post surfaced in Internet, several other victims raised their voice by revealing about the different pattern used by Sujeesh to harass women. A survivor said that she was asked to remove her clothes when she went to Sujeesh’s studio while she was 20 year old.

One of the victims said that she received 20-30 messages from victims after sharing her experience in social media. A victim came up with a video explaining how she got harassed by the accused. She uploaded her with a caption saying “not so scared anymore 😡”


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