Movie Reviewer Prashanth Got Cheated Rs. 15 Lakh ??

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6 months ago

Popular movie reviewer Prashanth who is doing minor roles in Tamil cinema, on Monday, came up with a tweet alleging that he got cheated Rs. 15 lakh from an individual named Vasanth. He warned his followers to be aware of him by tagging his twitter account. However, the person whom Prashanth accused, replied saying that he is ready to pay the amount if the reviewer shows the record for the amount he mentioned. The duo were involved in a verbal spat through the micro blogging social media platform.


Enjoying over 7 lakh subscribers for his youtube channel “Tamil cinema review”, Prashanth is known for reviewing films that are releasing from Kollywood film industry. Apart from reviewing movies, Prashanth is pretty much active in social media platforms as well. He is also involved in doing clothing business and has tweeted regarding it often.

On Monday, the reviewer came up with a tweet claiming that an individual named Vasanth cheated Rs. 15 lakh from him. “This guy @vacchu – Vasanth is his name. Cheated around 15 lakh rupees from me. Manufactured lakhs of masks partnering with him with all my heart. Ended up a loser. Claims to be a nationalist and modi supporter. Just beware friends. Do not get cheated. Thank you” Prashanth’s tweet read.

“With due respects to you, please send the book of accounts with GST Payments made. If there is any pending payable, it will be settled the moment you show your books of accounts. 🙏” Vasanth replied to the claim of the movie reviewer.

“Vprime masks was manufactured in my factory. Can show u 1000 proofs. U cleverly made sure there was no proper agreement and looted 2 years of my hardwork . I have a 1000 delivery copies and train parcel copies to prove that. Kadavul irukaandaa sanghi payale. He will punish u” the movie reviewer replied back.

Further, Vasanth warned Prashanth to file case against him by writing “Mr. Prashanth, If you dont substantiate your claims in the next 48 Hours with Ledger Accounts and Tax Payment, I reserve the rights to cyber bullying, defamation and slander. Hope to hear from you at the soonest” and the movie reviewer replied back saying “Endaa. Fraudu naai nee case poda poriya ? Podu. Athayum thaan paarpom.”

“Please substantiate your claims rather than posturing Sir…” read Vasanth’s next reply and Prashanth asked him to go on with filing a case. “Case kududaa mayiraandi. u have all the money and man power right ? Kudu. Anga paarpom” his reply read.

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