Mother Of 23 Year Old Actress To Give Birth To A Baby!! Fans Got Reminded About “Veetla Visesham”

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4 weeks ago

Mother of a famous actress named Arya Parvathi is all set to give birth to a child. Arya Parvathi, a well-known actress and dancer, recently shared the exciting news of becoming an elder sister after a gap of 23 years. A photo of Arya hugging her mother’s pregnant belly went viral on social media, and the dancer couldn’t contain her joy as she shared her excitement with Manorama News.

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Actress Arya Parvathi is known for appearing in the Malayalam serial “Ilayaval Gayathri” as the lead actress. Sharing about the news, Arya Parvathi wrote “Overwhelmed with joy as my little sibling arrives to our family after 23 years. Ready to take on the role of a big sister as well a mother and shower them with
love and support. Come soon, little one” as her caption.

Here’s her post :

For Arya, this news was nothing less than a blessing from Guruvayurappan, whom she deeply worships. “I always wanted a sibling when I was a child and didn’t enjoy being a single child,” Arya said, adding that the unexpected news of her becoming an elder sister made her incredibly happy.

Arya’s mother is 44 years old and had thought she had reached menopause when her periods got delayed. However, during her fifth month, she realized that she was pregnant. Arya’s parents told her about the news during her mother’s seventh month as her mother needed some time to accept the pregnancy.


Arya’s mother had always looked forward to becoming a grandmother, and she was worried if Arya would accept the baby. However, Arya reassured her mother that she did not have any such fears and that the baby was like her firstborn.

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During Arya’s mother’s pregnancy with her, she had faced many health issues. However, this time around, there weren’t any such issues, and there was no vomiting phase either, which is why they came to know about the pregnancy quite late. Arya is now praying for the good health of her mother and her newborn child.

Arya also shared that she had come to terms with being a single child during her college years. However, the news of her becoming an elder sister has made her extremely happy, and she can’t wait to welcome her baby brother or sister to the world.

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For Arya, this news was also a reminder of the blessings of Guruvayurappan, whom she believes has bestowed this happiness upon her family. She expressed her gratitude to the divine force and said that she felt blessed to be able to experience this joy in her life.

Arya’s story is a testament to the power of faith and the blessings that come with it. She has shown that sometimes, unexpected blessings can bring immense happiness and can change our lives in ways that we never imagined. As she waits eagerly to welcome her sibling, she serves as an inspiration to others to have faith and hope for the best in life.

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On seeing her post, many of her followers got reminded about the recently released family drama “Veetla Visesham” in which the plot revolves around the parents of the protagonist giving birth to a child while he is above 24 years old. It is the remake of bollywood blockbuster film “Badhai Ho” in which Ayushmaan Khuranna played the lead role. Few stated that they too go through similar siblinghood.

Here’s some of the comments :

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