Mohan G Thanked “Jai Bhim” Producer!! Check Why

Mohan G of “Draupathy” fame thanked the producer of “Jai bhim” for making a change in the scene to change the identity of the corrupt police officer. Earlier, through a calendar that was hanged in his home, the villain character was shown as an individual who belongs to “Vanniyar” caste. An online outrage took place in social media, claiming that the film targeted a particular caste.



“Jai Bhim” released on Amazon Prime on 1st of November with much expectations among fans. The film is getting humongous amount of positive response from fans and is being widely watched due to the word of mouth. Based on a true event that happened in the year 1995, the film concentrates on showing light to the hardship people of tribal community went through at that time. Exposing the police brutality, the film shows how lawyer Chandru won the case without receiving a penny from his client who is a wife of the victim. Though the incident took place 25 years ago, it looks still relevant due to the police atrocities that are still taking place in the state.

In the film, director Tamil acted as Inspector Gurumoorthy who leads the lock up harassment. In a scene where he attends a phone call from his house, a calendar that contains the symbol of “Vanniyar” caste could be seen hanging. On seeing it, many users of Internet condemned “Jai bhim” makers accusing them of defaming a particular caste.


Check out some of such reactions below :


Now, after seeing the online outrage, the makers have edited the picture out and included a new one. Mohan G of “Draupathy” and “Ruthra Thandavam” fame thanked Jai bhim producers by adding the newly changed scene. The calendar shows the picture of goddess Lakshmi.


“Thanks to the producer of Jai bhim” said Mohan G in his tweet. Check out his tweet below :

Here’s some of the reactions that surfaced for ?Mohan G’s post :


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