Mohan G Compares “Karuppar Koottam” With These Four Youtube Channels !!

Mohan G who has been constantly raising voice against the video made by “Karuppar Kootam” Surendar Natarajan through his twitter account, today listed a number of similar youtube channels and suggested his followers to confront them and to raise question against them in order to ban them permanently. Initially, Mohan G said “We should save Cinema industry from them. People should understand their minute anti-religious, anti-caste opinions and ignore it. It is the priority” while reacting to the “Karuppar Kootam” issue.


“Karuppar Koottam”, a youtube channel, caught in controversy after the makers of it created several videos allegedly abusing the Hindu religion and the Gods of it, mainly targeting Lord Murugan. One of their recent video on “Kandha sashti Kavasam” of lord Murugan created huge outrage among the followers of Hindu religion. Surendar natarajan, narrator of the show alleged that “Kandha Sashti Kavasam” is abusing lord Murugan and the author of it degraded him with unnecessary requirements. The video went extremely viral and people who belong to Hindu organisations filed case against him. They demanded arrest against Surendar and asked police officials to permanently ban their youtube channel “Karuppar kootam”.

Now, Mohan G, in his recent tweet said that he is exposing few anti-Hindu youtube channels that he is aware of and asked his followers to confront those youtube channels with their opinion. “Similar to Karuppar Kootam, there are few more anti-Hindu youtube channels. U2brutus, Karuppar Desam, Plip Plip, Second show” are some of them I know. Several more youtube channels are there. Brush them aside. Confront them with opposite opinions. Opinion should be confronted by opinion” he wrote in his tweet.

Check out his tweet here :

Many of those who commented claimed that Mohan G is mentioning “Plip Plip” due to the review they gave to his “Draupathy”.

Gurubaai of Plip Plip came up with a sarcastic reply to this tweet of Mohan G saying “கண்டிப்பாக புறக்கணிக்கிறோம் அண்ணா. ♥” (We will relegate it brother) which received 1.5 likes so far.


Second show youtube channel, said that Mohan G is doing free promotion for their channel.


Earlier, reacting to an explanation video of Surendar Natarajan, Mohan said that ignoring them is the only.

Comment your opinions on Mohan G, director of Draupathi !!


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