Minister’s Severe Warning To Those Who Have Travel History !!

Health Minister Vijaya Bhaskar’s twitter timeline speaks for himself. People are praising him beyond party limitations for the way he works to prevent Corona Virus to spread across the state. One of his recent tweet said that people with Travel histories are becoming the victims so far. He requested people who came from abroad to self quarantine themselves. “The corona positives in TN clearly shows that people with travel history & travelers from abroad are victims of #Covid19. My request to everyone who traveled abroad during the past one month must self quarantine & report to Dr if any symptoms persists.” said his tweet.

Now the Minister came up with a severe warning to those who are violating the strict orders of the Government. Health Minister Vijaya Bhaskar who is busy visiting hospitals and checking the facilities it contains to make appropriate decisions regarding the prevention of Coronavirus, also attending press meets to let people know about the exact situation of state Tamilnadu. The minister said that there is no community spread in tamilnadu yet and hopes it never happens in the tamil speaking state.

The Minister, in his interaction with Hindu said that the allegation against him of hiding figures is completely baseless. “We are acting in a transparent manner and publishing all the data in public domain. We will not hesitate to project the ground reality, only then there will be better cooperation from people” he said.


Meanwhile, Vijaya Bhaskar posted a tweet warning those who are violating the rules. He said that they are acting as a threat to the community spread in the state. He said that the list of travelers handed over to the police for tracking and said that legal action will be taken against those who are violating it. “Though tracked,some of the travellers violate Govt’s strict order to #selfquarantine,thus becoming a threat for community transmission.The list of travelers is handed over to district admin & police for tracking,if anyone violates the order, legal action will be taken”

Here’s his tweet :

26jan tysri01 ITY27 MINISTER.jpg

Let us cooperate with the government in stopping the deadly virus to spread in our country !!


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