Migrant Workers Won Millions Of Hearts Through This Gesture !!

CM / Updated: 2020-04-23
19:46 IST

A group of migrant workers who got quarantined at two schools in Rajasthan’s Sikar district won the hearts of million people through their gesture. Users of social media platforms heaping praise on their activity with loveable captions and reactions. The workers reportedly painted the chipped walls of the institutions, in a way of paying back the people who provided them food and shelter.

About 54 workers from Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Haryana, quarantined in the Shaheedh Sitaram and Seth KL Tambi government Higher secondary schools in the Palsana town. They wanted to express gratitude for the arrangements made for them in this crucial situation.


Across the country, several number of migrant workers are quarantined separately due to the nationwide lockdown implemented by the government to avoid coronavirus from spreading in country India.

“We will not charge anything for this work. The students of this school are like our daughters. When they grow, they will remembers us” said Singh who worked in Jaipur in Agra-Ajmer link road. “Police brought us here when we were leaving for Haryana. The villagers, administration, sarpanch and other principal are treating us with good care. They have provided us with blankets, soaps, pillows, mattress etc. We are very happy here” he added.

Paint School

Sharing the pictures of those workers painting the walls, Parveen Kaswan of the Indian Forest Service wrote “Now here is a positive story. Migrant labours from MP & Gujarat were quarantined at Palsana, Sikar. As a gesture they offered to colour the school since were getting food etc from there. Sarapanch arranged material. People are beautiful & inspiring.” in his tweet.

Check out his tweet here :

This tweet from the officer is being widely shared by several number of Internet users. “Our people don’t like to sit idle. Only we need better management and match of demand and supply of work to get the economy on track.” wrote one of a user to appreciate the efforts of the workers.

Check out some of the comments for this post below :

“The entire village overwhelmed with their behaviour. Wall painting and other necessary items were made available to them after they wished to express their gratitude. All these people are perfectly healthy and it is joyful to see them using the quarantine time beautifully” said Palsana Sarpanch Roop Singh.

Rajendra Meena, principal of the government higher secondary school said that the school hasn’t been white washed since past 9 years. All the teachers agreed to offer money from their salary to purchase paint and other necessary items to paint the school.

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