Meet Namma Chennai Cop Who Entertains People While Controlling The Traffic #Inspiration

Unquestionably, most of us are money-minded, like to mind our own business and many times, ignore others who actually need help, thinking it’s not our job. Some people are even not satisfied with their jobs, no matter whether their duties are according to their field of specialization and the main reason for it is that they don’t know how to enjoy work! Agree?
Well, it’s because we don’t love our job but instead money or salary we get at the end of the month. But there is one man for whom his duty is above all other things. Meet namma Chennai super cop M. Kumar who loves his work as well as makes people smile by entertaining them.
He has his own unique and jovial way of controlling traffic which not only keeps people safe but also entertained. Big Short Films lately made a video on this awesome traffic cop and no wonder why, it’s gone viral with about 60k views.
This short film depicting the life story of M. Kumar makes you acquaint with his everyday schedule. His duty is on the city’s Old Mahabalipuram Road and if you are thinking what’s so unusual about this man, let’s just take a look at his spectacular style. He wears white gloves in both hands and has his own different method of signaling at stops.
It might come to you as a great surprise that he didn’t come across even a single accident on his duty and you must have got an idea of his excellence by this fact. In his words, “Everyday, at my signal, the people who pass through it, should have a safe start, go to their offices and return back at their homes safely.”
What’s more, he believes that he is a teacher and says, “Just like a teacher, I have to maintain the attention of all the people and to do that I wear gloves, whistle loud, act dynamic and keep a smiling face at them”.
Now there is no surprise as to why he is highly appreciated and loved by the route’s regular commuters. What’s more, he has motivated many to not only carry out their duties sincerely but also love their jobs.
He’s working as a cop for 22 long yrs and as per him, the feeling and contentment of individuals reaching homes safely is his reward which is definitely priceless!

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Wonderful man, isn’t he?
Kumar is definitely an inspiring soul for millions of people and teaches us that we don’t need to be a big man to be happy and make others happy! Hats Off!
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