Meera Mithun Slammed Cheran & Kamal Haasan After All These Days !! WATCH !!

Meera Mithun

Meera Mithun who said that she is going to post videos in daily manner against those who opposed her, is keeping her word it seems. Yesterday, Meera who said that the contestants of “We are the Boysu” gang loved her inside the house, now brought back the popular issue of herself with Cheran after all these days. WATCH : Meera Mithun Says That “We Are The Boys” Gang Loved Her !!

Meera Mithun is keeping the followers of her social media accounts busy by uploading videos and posting controversial tweets day after day. If you are aware of Bigg Boss show’s third season in Tamil, you must have known about Meera Mithun , one of the most controversial participant of the show.

One of the highly controversial episode of the season is undoubtedly the one in which Meera Mithun accused Director Cheran of physical harassment. She said that he caught hold of her hip and behaved very rudely while performing a task. In the very weekend, She was treated with a “Kurumpadam” by Kamal Haasan who supported Cheran and said that he is not that sort of a person.

As the incident happened nearly 2 months ago, Meera has now uploaded a series of tweets questioning Cheran and Kamal Haasan. “I am going to talk about Cheran sir today. Now Cheran is portraying himself as a holy man. Initially he said that he won’t touch girls and said that he won’t even prefer handshake with them. But he behaved very much close to the every female contestant inside the house” said Meera in her video.

“He developed a story of my manhandling accusation as he is a good script writer and director. Even Kamal Haasan didn’t see the justice in my side. I don’t what they both would do if the same happened to their daughters” said Meera Mithun.

She also posted another video saying that Cheran has “inferiority complex”. She accused him for not asking “Apology” and slammed every other contestant for not supporting her.

What do you think on these videos posted by Meera Mithun ?? Comment your views !!


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