“Masturbate In Your Own Room”- Circular From Popular University ?? Notice Goes Viral !!


They say masturbation is a normal act and it doesn’t affect one mentally and physically unless it exceeds a limit. But it happens to be a major problem for this educational institution which made them to circulate a notice to prevent its students from masturbating. Wait. Prevent from masturbating in shower.

The notice says that the excessive amount of semen in the drain costs thousands of rupees in maintenance. “It must be reflected in the hostel prices increase for next year.” the statements contains. It also says “Please masturbate in your own room” in bold font. “Please see your warden if any problem with the decision. Thanks for your cooperation” it added.


Initially we thought it is just a Whatsapp forward which is made for fun until we saw this post from News7 Tamil . Check out their post here :

This news is going viral and getting enormous number of reactions from the social media platforms. Check out some of their reactions here :

However, it has been confirmed that it is a fake news by few of the tweets posted by the students of the university itself.

In the Western world, masturbation in private or with a partner is generally considered a normal and healthy part of sexual enjoyment.

What do you think on this bizarre fake notice being circulated ?? Comment your views below !!


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