Many Advised Sania “How To Dress On Pregnancy” !! Sania Gave Them Back & Lashed Out On Them !!


Social media is a weird place where all kinds of people exist; while there are those who praise others’ acts and fashion sense, many here look for an opportunity to get some cheap publicity by targeting a celeb over his/her dress or statements.

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The latest victim of trollers’ mockery is none other than Tennis sensation Sania Mirza who tied the knot with Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik. Now the adorable couple is on the way of parenthood and will welcome their first baby soon.

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Recently Sania and Shoaib celebrated her baby shower and they seemed to have enjoyed the auspicious occasion to the fullest. Sania is in Hyderabad presently with her parents and sister in the last trimester of her pregnancy and Shoaib also joined them. The couple enjoyed Rajasthani Thali and what grabbed people’s attention the most was the beautiful cake on which “Baby Mirza Malik” was written.

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Well, Sania’s dress did not go well with netizens and a number of people tried to troll her by calling her dressing sense poor, saying that she is looking fatter in this weird dress.

Here are some selected comments:






Even more disgustingly, many users took a jibe at her changing body-shape and said that she has put on a lot of weight. It is quite natural for women to gain weight during pregnancy and trolling Sania for this is a sickening and shameful act on the part of trollers and we strongly condemn it.

But as we all know, Sania is not someone who can bear the brunt of trolling. She hit back at haters in a couple of tweets in which she slammed people who ask her to sit back at home instead of being active on social media. She further said that pregnant women are normal human beings and have complete right to live a normal life.

In her first tweet, she wrote,

“Word of advice for ppl (specially since the majority seem to be men) who think being pregnant means you have to go into hibernation for 9 months, sit at home and for some reason be ‘ashamed in this haalat’..So when women are pregnant they don’t have a disease or become untouchable”

Her second tweet read,

“Or become a corpse!!! They are still ‘NORMAL’ human beings and are still allowed to live a normal life!! so pls take your heads out of your a** and think where exactly you came from too..your mother’s womb!! #ittakesallkindstomakethisworld #dumidiots too !!”

Netizens slammed haters and asked Sania to ignore such people. Here are some of the selected tweets:

We completely agree with you Sania! Just ignore haters and enjoy this blessed phase to the fullest. More power to you!


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