Manimegalai’s Frustrated Reply To A Mindless Comment Of An Online User !!

CM / Updated: 2023-03-22
19:03 IST

Manimegalai got frustrated for a mindless comment from a Twitter user. The online user has criticized Manimegalai and her husband Hussain. The user stated that Hussain has managed to convert Manimegalai into a Muslim and the user also mentioned it as love jihad.


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Manimegalai started off her career in sun network as a presenter. She stepped out of her house and got married to assistant choreographer, Hussain. Since then, the couple has made everyone adore them. Manimegalai entered Vijay Television and earned a huge fanbase through the show Cooku With Comali. She is also hosting shows on Vijay Television. The couple has also made their appearances on reality shows like, Mr. & Mrs. Chinnathirai, Kadhale Kadhale.

Manimegalai & Hussain

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Manimegalai’s career took another turn when she appeared as a clown on the fan-favorite show Cook with Komali. This was a unique opportunity for her, and she quickly became a favorite among viewers. She participated in the third season of the show, where she entertained viewers with her wit and humor.

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However, during the show’s third season, Manimegalai suddenly announced her departure from the show. The reason for her withdrawal was not known, and there were many rumors that she was pregnant and had a fight with the host of Cook with Komali. This news shocked her fans, who were eager to know why she left the show.

To clear the air, Manimegalai shared a picture on her social media page with her husband Hussain doing pooja to the ground. In the post, she mentioned that they were beginning to build their little empire, their happy place whenever they visit the village. She expressed her excitement about this new venture and thanked her fans for their support.

This post helped to clear the air about her departure from Cook with Komali. It was evident that she had decided to leave the show to pursue other opportunities in her life. Her fans were happy to see that she was doing well and were excited to see what new opportunities she would pursue.

Manimegalai’s journey has been an inspiration to many. She has shown that with hard work, dedication, and perseverance, anything is possible. She has faced many challenges in her life, but she has always remained positive and focused on her goals. Today, she is a successful host and entertainer who has won the hearts of millions of fans worldwide.

Manimegalai and Hussain, started a youtube channel in the year, 2020. The youtube channel, has nevertheless got a huge reception among the people. The couple have been consistent in posting videos and are known for entertaining people through their candid talks in front of the camera. They have crossed million followers within a year.


She has posted in her social media a picture of herself with her husband in muslim attire, which has been reposted by a twitter user today and has mentioned that it all started and ended to this denoting that Hussain has converted Manimegalai into a muslim.

Here is the screenshot of the comment and Manimegalai’s reply:

mani 3

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Manimegalai has got hitched to her boyfriend Hussain, on December 2017, after failing to convince her father for their love. Their marriage took place at register marriage as an immediate effect of Manimeghalai’s father’s reaction. However, the couple is leading a happy life since then and they are excelling in their respective field as well. Hussain is an aspiring dancing choreographer who is currently working as an assistant dance choreographer in Kollywood.


Manimegalai’s reply to the online user is here,

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