Man Tried To Kiss Journalist On Live !! : Check What She Did To Him !!

5 years ago

The FIFA World Cup 2018 is on and fans are crazily enjoying it. Some incidents that happened wer_e truly disappointing and we wish they are never repeated again.


Not only on-field, but things went out of control even off-field. Few days back, we saw how a man groped a Columbian journalist live on TV and she couldn’t do anything.

She wasn’t alone; one more incident has come to light in which a football fan tries kissing Brazilian journalist Julia Guimaraes while reporting.


A video is being widely circulated online in which the fan is seen kissing the journalist. However, she didn’t keep quiet like the Columbian journalist. She slammed him on live TV and made him apologize.


This incident happened on Sunday outside the Yekaterinburg stadium. Rather than tolerating his shit, she gave it back to him and asked him to respect women. After being insulted, the man went off-camera and said sorry to her.

She immediately ducked to avoid the man and gave him a piece of her mind while the camera still rolled.


“Don’t do this! Never do this again,” she shouted at the man, who can be heard apologising in the clip. “Don’t do this, I don’t allow you to do this, never, OK? This is not polite, this is not right. Never do this to a woman, OK? Respect,” she said in the clip that is now viral.


We are glad that she raised her voice against him. Such people deserve this treatment, don’t you think so?

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