Man Received Electricity Bill Payment Of Rupees 128 Crores !! Check What Happened Next !!


In a bizarre development, a man in Uttar Pradesh’s Hapur has received an electricity bill of over Rs 128 crore and the electricity department has asked the man to pay the exorbitant bill in order to restore electricity to his house.

The man identified as Shamim lives in Chamri village of Hapur with his wife. Talking to ANI, Shamim said that he had approached the electricity department to rectify the error, but was asked to pay the bill. The bill sent to Shamim by the electricity department is of Rs. 128, 45, 95,444 for a home connection of 2 kilowatt.

The electricity department has also cut off supply to Shamim’s home as he failed to pay the bill. While interacting with media he said “No one listens to our pleas, how will we submit that amount? When we went to complain about it, we were told that they won’t resume our electricity connection unless we pay the bill.” He added that the electricity department is handing him over the bill of the entire Hapur.

He claimed that the electricity department of handing him over the bill of entire Hapur. “I am running from pillar to post but no one is listening. It seems that the electricity department wants me to pay the bill of whole Hapur,” he said.

ANI reported that the amount printed on the bill, around 128 crore is charged for a home connection of two kilowatt. Shamim, who stays with his wife says that he receive an average monthly bill of about Rs 700-800. Shamim’s wife Khairu Nisha says, “We only use fan and light. How can the amount be so high? We are poor. How we will pay such a large amount?”

Assistant Electrical Engineer Ram Sharan, however, believes that it must be a technical fault. He says, “If they provide us the bill we will issue them an updated one after rectifying the technical fault in the system.” He added that it is no big deal and such technical faults do take place.

Technical faults like these are not unusual in the state. In January, a man in UP’s Kannauj received an electricity bill for Rs 23 Crore for a connection of two kilowatts.


“It seems like I’ve received the entire bill of Uttar Pradesh,” Abdul Basit who received the bill said. “Even if I earn money for my entire life, I’ll still be unable to pay this exorbitant amount,” he said.


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