Man Masturbated & Harassed SRM Girl Student Inside Elevator !! Thousands Of Students Protesting At Midnight For Justice !!

CM / Updated: 2018-11-23
02:33 IST

Students of SRM University at Kattankulathur area in the outskirts of Chennai staged a demonstration inside the  campus since yesterday night, alleging inaction by the administration on a sexual harassment complaint by a girl student of the university.


The agitation started on Thursday evening continued it till around midnight, alleging that a male worker on campus had sexually harassed a female student in an elevator.

A second-year undergraduate student had taken the elevator to reach her room in the sixth floor of hostel at around 3 pm on Thursday, 22 November. To her shock, a man who was also inside the elevator started masturbating at her.


SRM University Vice Chancellor Sandeep Sancheti, however, denied the allegations of inaction and said the administration would look into the complaint.

“Students are discussing with us. Whatever the matter is, it will be taken care of. If there is a matter, it will be inquired,” Sancheti told.

According to a third year software engineering student who took part in the protest, a second year undergraduate student of the university was allegedly sexually harassed by a male sanitation worker inside a women’s hostel lift on Thursday afternoon around 3 pm.

“The man masturbated in front of the woman student in the hostel lift, following which she reported the issue to the authorities,” the student told.

According to another protester, the hostel warden, with whom the student had raised the issue, allegedly delayed access to the CCTV footage of the elevator and the registering of a complaint by over two hours.


“The employee was identified by the student in the CCTV footage. However she was asked to stay mum about the incident by the authorities,” the protester said, adding that the hostel authorities allegedly blamed the victim.

Local police officials who reached the protest spot told that the protesters dispersed after assurances from the university administration to look into the matter.


According to one of the final year student the girl students were told to change their clothes before meeting the chancellor. “The student body is now protesting but the police hasn’t lodged an FIR even though they are present on the campus for crowd controlling purposes. The management hasn’t filed an FIR as well even though the guy has been identified through a CCTV footage” She said. “The girls were confined within the hostel premises when asked to join the protest happening outside” she added.

It is reported that more than 1500 students were present in the protest at midnight where half of them are girls. According to Indian express, S Mythili, Director of Student Affairs, said the management terminated the worker against whom the allegations had been made.

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“We have sent him out, but we can’t take further action until there’s more clarity over the issue,” she said.


As soon as the protest staged this issue grabbed massive attention from social media. Check out some of the videos and posts here :

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