Man Forgot To Delete His Ex’s Pictures & Sold His Phone !! What happened Next Is Horrific !!


A Meerut-based man forgot to delete a few inappropriate pictures of his ex-girlfriend from his mobile phone before he sold it. A murder, suicide and encounter followed. On Saturday, a 35-year old woman jumped off a bridge with her five-year-old son in Muzaffarnagar’s Gangnahar canal. The woman died but the child was rescued.

While investigating, the police learnt that pictures of the woman with her ex-boyfriend had gone viral on social media. The woman’s ex-boyfriend, Shubham Kumar sold his mobile phone without deleting the inappropriate pictures from his gallery.

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It all started when the 35-year-old woman, married and settled with her husband in Meerut, jumped off a bridge and committed suicide along with her son.  During the investigation, police learnt that photos of the woman with her former boyfriend had gone viral on social media.

According to India Today, The “inappropriate” photos were reportedly leaked after the woman’s ex-boyfriend Shubham Kumar sold his mobile phone to another Meerut resident without deleting the images saved in the photo gallery.

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Police said the incident came to light after they received information that a woman had jumped from a bridge in Muzaffarnagar’s Khatauli. Before committing suicide, the woman had made a call using a kiosk owner’s mobile phone, police said.

The mobile number was traced to her husband, which helped the police ascertain her identity. Police learnt that inappropriate photograph’s of the woman were shared by a man named Anuj Prajapati, who had bought the phone from Shubham, woman’s ex-boyfriend.

In a twist, police found out that Prajapati was already dead. Shubham and his friends had allegedly killed Prajapati on May 23. Police said the suspects in Prajapati murder case were identified based on CCTV footage and teams were formed to nab them.

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However, before Meerut police could nab them, Saharanpur police arrested the accused in an encounter on Saturday. Saharanpur SSP Dinesh Kumar P said five persons opened fire at a police team when the latter asked them to stop for checks on Saturday. The suspects were wanted in a murder case in Meerut’s Kankerkhera area on May 23, police added.

Kankerkhera SHO Mishra told Times of India that the woman could have also taken the extreme step due to fear that her name would come up in murder probe.



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