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Man Attacked Sarathkumar’s Personal Life !! Here’s How The Actor Replied !!

Sarath kumar


Man Attacked Sarathkumar’s Personal Life !! Here’s How The Actor Replied !!

The citizen amendment bill which was legally passed by central government creating extreme outrage in country India. It seeks to give Indian nationality to non-Muslim refugees from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan passed the lower House test recently. The Bill seeks to amend the definition of illegal immigrant for Hindu, Sikh, Parsi, Buddhist and Christian immigrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, who have lived in India without documentation. They will be granted fast-track Indian citizenship in six years. So far, 12 years of residence has been the standard.


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Many celebrities and politicians are expressing their disappointment towards the Citizenship Amendment bill. To an extent it even created massive uproar across the country as students started protesting against it. Meanwhile actor and politician R.Sarathkumar supported the act and wrote “I think it is important for all of us to build a nation and not to indulge in age old vote bank politics to disrupt the system by violent uncalled for demonstrations, and make efforts to understand the CAB and it’s true intentions .” in his official twitter account.

Check out his tweet here :

This tweet from the “Nattamai” actor created huge outrage among his followers. Few of the them started abusing him and his personal life for supporting the act. Unexpectedly, the actor tried to shut them down through his replies as well.


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To one of the abuse, Sarathkumar asked the abuser to say the same by being in his place. “Can you come to my place and say the same and find out” Check out the reply here :

Followed by this, another user said that no one required judgement from him to which Sarathkumar wrote “It is for those who want to listen, there is no force hear ,you have the freedom of expression and so do I,good night dear friend”

To one more user who asked Sarathkumar about the pro’s and con’s of CAB, he said that he had discussions in the parliament. “I dont shoot out my mouth like a half baked person,good night” he added in his reply.


One more user abused the personal life of the 65 year old actor to which he got extremely angry and asked for the address of the twitter user. “தெரியுமா உனக்கு என் வாழ்க்கையை பத்தி ,தகுதி இருக்கா உனக்கு, வீட்டு விலாசத்தை சொல்லு நேர்ல வறேன்,” he wrote as a reply to the guy.

What do you think on these replies of the Samathuva Makkal Katchi leader ?? Comment your views below !!

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