Man Asked Chinmayi To Wear Saree !! Chinmayi Responded With A Shocking Reply !!


A twitter user named Ramkumar asked Singer/ Dubbing actress Chinmayi to wear Saree or any Indian dress as she is being a role model for many young girls. For his request Chinmayi’s reply was just an utter shock. Yes, she explained how she cheaply she is treated while wearing a Indian traditional attire.

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The user’s tweet read asΒ  – you sing really well ; bold, beautiful, supremely confident & therefore a role model. But how nice it would be if only you present all these characteristics clad in a saree or any Indian dress. Young girls should associate positive, good characteristics w/ indianness.”

For this tweet Chinmayi said that she is being a victim of online sexual harassment even while wearing a Saree which is believed to be a safest attire for Indian women to go outside with.

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Her tweet read as “When I wear a sari there are groups of men who take photographs of my waist + side of my chest, circle it and upload it on soft porn websites. And then I get messages on how they are masturbating to it. I can be Indian in a sari and in jeans, Sir.”

She also added another tweet to Ramkumar saying,

Check out the conversation Chinmayi had with the followers of her in the comment section :

Chinmayi is one of the many Kollywood celebrities who is very much active in social media platforms. She is one of the main face of MeToo movement in South India as well who still believes that she could expose the predators in Cinema Industry. The singer shared enormous screenshots of the messages she receiving in her inbox which will either be an exposure of an abuser or a complaint from a woman victim of sexual harassment.

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Apart from singing her dubbing works are highly recognized by the Tamil audience. Her last film as a voice artist was β€œ96” in which she lend her voice for actress Trisha. Now to our shock she tweeted that she has been terminated from dubbing in Tamil films because of not paying subscription fees for past 2 years.



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