Man Abused Kamal Haasan For Posing With His Daughters !! Check Chinmayi’s Reply To Him !!


In Bigg Boss show, Last week, “Chithappu” Saravanan admitted to molesting and groping women deliberately on buses on an episode of Bigg Boss Tamil, while host Kamal Haasan was talking about the issues faced by women in crowded bus at peak hours in Tamilnadu. It happened when Kamal Haasan was talking about director Cheran allegedly ‘manhandling’ fellow contestant Meera Mithun.


Kamal Haasan tried to explain the difficulties of Tamilnadu middle class women facing physical harassment in government buses during peak hours, to make Meera realize that what she went through in a game was not a big deal. “There are also men who boards government bus only to touch women inappropriately” added Kamal Haasan. When he said this example, Saravanan, one of the Bigg Boss contestant raised his hand. “It seems Saravanan gave severe beating to a man who did it” said Kamal to the audience.

But Saravanan denied it and said that he is the one who did it deliberately during his college days which made the audience in the hall to burst out in laughter. Kamal Haasan also took it in a lighter note and sarcastically trolled him by referring one of his popular phrase from “Kanmani Anbodu” song.

However this incident does not go well among few women in social media, especially Chinmayi, famous singer and dubbing artist. She expressed her anger through a tweet which said “A Tamil channel aired a man proudly proclaiming he used the Public Bus Transport system to molest/grope women – to cheers from the audience. And this is a joke. To the audience. To the women clapping. To the molester. Damn.”

Many people expressed their thought on the reply section of Chinmayi’s tweet. Meanwhile one of an user posted a picture of Kamal Haasan posing with his two daughters, Shruti Haasan and Akshara Haasan. The user defamed the actor for letting his daughter wear what they wish. He even abused him for it :

Chinmayi immediately asked him to stop dragging Kamal Haasan’s personal life into this :

Check out the further conversation here :

That is one way to shut those abusers ?? ain’t it ??


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