Malayalam Actor Prithvi Raj’s Bold Reply To Those Who Accused Kerala Locals !!


In a way of shutting down all the emotional posts from cinema celebrities, sports personalities and public people, Malayalam actor Prithvi Raj who is known among Tamil audience for acting in films like “Saththam Podathe”, “Ninaithaley Inikkum” came up with a reply saying that the incident doesn’t have a communal connection.

Almost every influential people of country India including Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli uploaded a social media post believing that a group of people caused the death of the pregnant elephant which died due to a cracker filled pineapple exploded in its mouth. After getting severely injured, the elephant died after roaming in the village for few days. When actor Nakkhul cursed those who caused the incident as β€œBastards”, actress Amala Paul wanted to burst the fire crackers in their asses. Similarly many people with highest number of followers made emotional statements against Kerala locals believing that they caused the damage intentionally. Several art depictions regarding the same surfaced in Internet with emotional captions.

Check out some of their posts below :

Now, Actor Prithviraj who belongs to Kerala, uploaded a post confirming that the Fire crackers stuffed Pineapple was not intentionally fed by someone. He said that the elephant accidentally ate the explosive snare that was kept to ward off wild boars to protect the crops. He pointed out that the act is illegal but is widely being practiced. “There is absolutely no communal connection to the incident. Both forest and police officers registered case andthe investigations are on.” his post read which also notified that the death happened on 27th of May, not yesterday.

Check out his post below :

KK Sunil Kumar, while talking toΒ mediaΒ , has said that they (authorities) are assuming that the elephant fell prey to the explosive snare used to fend off wild boars. This statement from the officer makes us realize that no person is directly involved in this act. It is widely believed that a group of people fed the cracker filled pineapple to the 15 year old elephant to have fun. However, using snares to trap, wound or kill animal is a cruel practice, and it is punishable under the Wildlife Protection Act if people even try to do it. (Also Read : What Is The Actual Truth Behind The Demise Of The Kerala Elephant ??)

The officer further stated that there is no evidence surfaced to conclude that the elephant was intentionally fed such an explosive. β€œIn fact, we are also investigating if it bit a fruit laden with explosives or directly bit these snares” he added.


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