Malavika’s Traumatic Experience With A Film Person While Trying To Get Movie Chance !!

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CM / Updated: 2023-04-12
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Malavika Sreenath, a young actress who has made a name for herself in the Malayalam film industry with her impressive performances in films like ‘Madhuram‘ and ‘Saturday Night‘, recently opened up about her experience with casting couch in a channel interview. She shared a disturbing incident where she was asked to compromise her dignity in exchange for a role in a film.

Malavika's Traumatic Experience
Malavika Sreenath

Malavika’s experience is not unique, as casting couch is a well-known and pervasive issue in the film industry. Casting couch refers to the practice of exchanging sexual favors for career advancement in the entertainment industry. This phenomenon is not limited to a particular country, industry, or gender. It happens across the world and across all industries. Despite being a serious issue, casting couch is often swept under the rug, and those who speak out against it are shamed and silenced.

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Malavika’s experience with casting couch is a prime example of how actors and actresses are often subjected to harassment and exploitation in the name of career advancement. In her interview, Malavika recounted an incident that took place three years ago. She was asked to audition for a film where she was being considered for the role of Manju Warrier’s daughter. She did not have any connections in the film industry back then and agreed to go for the audition.

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Malavika's Traumatic Experience
Malavika Sreenath

Malavika was sent an Innova car to her home, and she went with her mother and sister to the audition, which was located in Thrissur. After half an hour, the person conducting the audition asked her to go to the dressing room to fix her hair, which he claimed was messy. While she was inside the room, he groped her and asked her to cooperate with him in order to get the role. He said he needed just 10 minutes, while her mother and sister were waiting outside.

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Malavika's Traumatic Experience
Malavika Sreenath

The incident left Malavika traumatized and terrified. She started crying and tried to knock his camera down to escape while his attention was diverted towards the camera. Malavika’s bravery in speaking out about this incident sheds light on the pervasive issue of casting couch in the film industry. It takes immense courage to speak out against such incidents, especially when the industry is notoriously protective of its own and there is a risk of backlash.

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Malavika’s story highlights the importance of creating a safe and inclusive environment for actors and actresses to pursue their careers. This means taking a zero-tolerance approach to casting couch and ensuring that those who are found guilty of such behavior are held accountable. It also means creating a support system for those who have experienced casting couch and providing them with the resources and tools they need to heal and recover from such traumatic experiences.

Malavika's Traumatic Experience
Malavika Sreenath

Unfortunately, casting couch is not just limited to the film industry. It is a pervasive issue in all industries where there is a power imbalance between those in positions of authority and those seeking career advancement. This includes the music industry, television, and even politics. In order to combat this issue, it is important for people to speak out against such behavior and for industries to take proactive measures to create safe and inclusive environments for everyone.

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Malavika Sreenath’s experience with casting couch is a poignant reminder of the pervasive issue of sexual harassment and exploitation in the entertainment industry. Her bravery in speaking out against this incident is commendable and should serve as an inspiration for others to do the same. It is time for the film industry and other industries to take proactive measures to create a safe and inclusive environment for everyone to pursue their careers without fear of exploitation or harassment.

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