Mahindra Tractor Featured In PUBG Game & Indian Players Including Mahindra Chairman Going Crazy !!


The social media is currently abuzz with the online game called PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds). The game has become a huge topic of discussions lately, so much so that a major part of memes and social media posts are talking about it only. An average Internet user is spending a big amount of his time daily in playing PUBG.

The latest update about the world of PUBG is that someone has spotted a Mahindra tractor in the game.

A YouTuber named chocotaco spotted Mahindra tractor 265 DI while playing PUBG and shared what he observed with his subscribers. Watch the video-

After that several Internet users’ eyes caught the Indian tractor in the most played game of 2018 and made it a topic of discussion. And the matter grabbed the attention of Mahindra’s chairman and he wrote a hilarious tweet. He had no idea about PUBG before it went viral it seems.

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He wrote “Ok, I admit I’m embarrassed. I try to keep abreast of the latest happenings in the world but what on earth is PUBG? And of course I’m pleased a Mahindra tractor figures in it. What happens to the tractor, by the way?”

Check out some of the main comments from the comment section :

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