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Mahindra Groups Owner Wants To Invest On Tamilnadu Woman Who Sells Idli For One Rupee !!

Anand Mahindra


Mahindra Groups Owner Wants To Invest On Tamilnadu Woman Who Sells Idli For One Rupee !!

Chairman of the Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra apart from being famous for his work, is also quite famous for his social media presence.  He never missed to encourage talents.

Recently, one of his tweets helped an elderly woman who runs an idli shop in a remote village in Tamil Nadu get an LPG connection.


He recently shared a video of 80-year-old Kamalathal, who sells idlis in Combaitore district for just Re 1 each. She has been serving idlis for the last 30 years at a low cost so that they daily wage workers can afford them.

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Praising the octogenarian for her services, Mahindra was also concerned about her using fuelwood as fumes are not healthy. “One of those humbling stories that make you wonder if everything you do is even a fraction as impactful as the work of people like Kamalathal. I notice she still uses a wood-burning stove.If anyone knows her I’d be happy to ‘invest’ in her business & buy her an LPG fueled stove.” he wrote online.

Though many lauded the intention of Anand Mahindra, few said that refilling the gas might get tough for her. “Sir buying the LPG stove or lpg connection may not be a problem but would continual supply of the lpg cylinder, basic ingredients would be helpful I guess… Sir you know it better…”

Check how Mahindra replied to him :


However, many replies helped him to find the lady and even Bharat gas issued her gas and informed it to Anand :


This heartwarming gesture from Mahindra being appreciated across the Internet. Comment your views on Kamalathl’s service and Anand Mahindra’s kind gesture towards it !!

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