Mahat Crying & Shedding Tears !! Fans Trolls Him Brutally & Says He’s Acting !!

5 years ago

As we witnessed in the first season of Bigg Boss, the inmates are prone to changing their favourites as the show progresses and this season is no different either. At the end of the fourth week, it is very evident that there is a drastic change in how the contestants judge their peers. Nithya and Balaji’s heated arguments and war of words that hogged the limelight for the past three weeks waned. However, Nithya has been evicted from the show which will now continue with 13 housemates in the fifth week.

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Before he started with eviction announcement, Kamal Haasan conducted an activity to ease the participants. Playing the mute clips of inmates, he asked someone other than the actual person in the clip to dub for them. At the end of the fourth week, Nithya was evicted from the house. While Nithya explicitly mentioned about not going to reconcile with her estranged husband when she entered the show, she hinted about reuniting with Balaji during the exit. The inmates also wished for them to join as they got along well in these four weeks.


Nithya and Balaji hugged each other as the former bid adieu to the show after she was announced as the evicted contestant. She also advised Balaji to keep his anger in check for the next few weeks and come out of the show as the winner.

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Bigg Boss announced that it’s time for the selection of the next captain of the house. Bigg Boss said, as soon as the alarm bell rings, the inmates should enter the house and find the 3 garlands kept at 3 different places. The inmates, who will find out the garland cannot put the same on themselves. Instead, they should put the same on their favorite inmates.


In this task Mahat became the captain of this week and he began to start controlling the house. Meanwhile a new promo surfaced in which Mahat seen crying to the core by lying in the bed. Though the reason was not clear in the video, it is seen Janani and Ramya consoling him.


Watch the video below :

But fans did not seem to be believing him. Most of them trolling him as he is acting. Check out the comments here :


What do you think on Mahat’s activity today ?

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