Mahat Cheaply Imitating Mumtaz With Fake Bo**bs & B*tt !! BIGG BOSS Unseen !!


On Sunday’s episode of Bigg Boss 2 Tamil, the housemates were in for a huge shock. One of the strong contenders inside, Sharik, got evicted from the house after receiving lowest votes, thereby saving Mahat, Mumtaz, Balaji and Ponnambalam who were also nominated. The housemates initially were not ready to accept this. Janani Iyer, who nominated Sharik feeling he would be safe, felt that this eviction was her fault.

Balaji, on the other hand, offered to leave the house instead of Sharik. Aishwarya, one of the closest to Sharik, was in tears and she requested the audience to reconsider. Host Kamal Haasan explained that once audience had decided, no one can change it. He also told the housemates that this was a lesson for them as they took nominations too lightly. Sharik gave his friends some of his things to remember him by before he left the house. Mahat, Yaashika, Aishwarya, Mumtaz and Janani Iyer were the most affected by this eviction.

Sharik was chosen as the captain of the house, but because he was evicted he chose another captain to lead the house. He chose Yaashika because she knew what kind of captain Sharik wanted to be, so he felt that she would be able to keep that in mind and take care of the house. Everyone in the house wished him luck for his future and bid goodbye to him.

Meanwhile today’s promos suggested that the housemates are given a task in which they have to imitate the contestant whose face was printed in the T shirt given to them. Ponnambalam supposed to imitate Mahat, Balaji got Danny to imitate, Janani got Sendrayan, Mumtaz got Aishwarya, Danny to imitate Yashika where as Mahat required to imitate Mumtaz.

Every contestants done their best to imitate the given contestant. Bout Mahat went extreme in this task as well. As we all know that he is one of the top contestant who seeks attention in big time. Whenever a big incident happens Mahat will be there in the first place either it is a celebration or a sad incident. He loves to steal the show from others.

On this case he disguised as Mumtaz as per the task today but there is no Mumtaz in him. He wore a short skirt and kept fake breasts and fake buttocks in the name of imitating her. We never seen Mumtaz dressing like the in the show so far.

We can also see Sendrayan looking at him in an awe for his appearance. To check watch the video below :

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