VIRAL VIDEO : Madurai Youths Harassed Girl Students & Attacked A Parent!! 6 Arrested

Video of a group of youths involving in violence in front of Madurai Meenakshi college and attacking a father of one of the students, has created huge outrage among the public. So far, Police has arrested 6 youth relating to the incident and further investigation is currently on, says the reports.

Youth who were involved in harassing the girl students, were in an intoxicated state, says reports. Near Meenakshi college of arts and science that is located in Koripalayam, Madurai, a mortuary van from Rajaji hospital was moving with bunch of drunk youngsters in their two wheelers, causing loud sound and disturbance to the public.

They were reportedly shouting obscene words and were intimidating public with their heavy vehicles and over speed. On seeing them approaching, professors, women and students tried staying away by hiding in safe spots.

Father of one of the girl students questioned the youths for involving in violence in front of college premises and tried to shoo them away. In response, a number of drunk youths started attacking him severely. In the viral video which is doing rounds, a youth could be seen attacking the elderly man in the head with his helmet. They also went inside the college campus and involved in violence, says reports.

The incident created huge outrage among the public with many questioning the law and justice of the state. Here’s some of the reactions that surfaced in the internet regarding the incident :

Recent update says that Police arrested 6 men regarding the incident.



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