Madurai Shocker : Woman Named Vidhya Sri Cheated Rs. 50 Lakh From A Business Man In The Pretext Of Love!!

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2 weeks ago

Madurai shocker – The Alanganallur police have arrested a couple for allegedly swindling 50 lakhs of rupees by cheating real estate owner  in Mugalivakkam , Chennai.

The Police said that the accused  Vidhya Sri who is 36 year old, expressed her interest in marriage towards a Chennai real estate owner Ram Balaji who is a 40 year old man,  a real estate owner for more than years. He was separated from his wife due to some family issues and misunderstandings. and, got divorced. Apart from that he is a business man.

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Screenshot 2023 03 11 at 12.27.40 PM 1
Random real estate spot

In order to develop his business, Ram Balaji went to Madurai during 2018. While attending a meeting in Madurai,  a named Vidhya Sri got into friendship with him.

Vidhya Sri is a married women with 2 sons, settled in Madurai. She also got separated from her husband and trying to get divorce soon. The friendship between Ram Balaji and Vidhya Sri paved way into a relationship where they fell in love with each other. Vidhya Sri promised to Ram Balaji  that she will marry him and accept him as her husband.

Screenshot 2023 03 11 at 12.39.11 PM
Vidhya Sri and Ajith kumar

Ram Balaji believed her and he started to spend money for her. Vidhya Sri used his money for her children’s educational purposes and  her business also buying gold and other cosmetics. Overall, Vidhya Sri has borrowed a total amount of Rs. 50 lakhs from the real estate owner Ram Balaji. Later as the days passed Ram Balaji tried contacting Vidhya Sri but she started ignoring him by said that, she is doing an ORGANIC FOOD business in Madurai with her friend, and asked him not to disturb her.

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Screenshot 2023 03 11 at 12.26.51 PM
Anna Nagar police station

Ram Balaji asked his moneyback from Vidhya Sri by contacting her. But, Vidhya Sri’s father named Vijayan and her brother named Vibin had told Ram Balaji that they will pay his amount within few days. However, they failed to do so.

After few days Ram Balaji raised a complaint against Vidhya Sri in Anna Nagar police station, Madurai. The Police enquired about the incident. After the enquiry Vidhya Sri gave a statement saying that she will some how try ways to sell her father’s land in Pollachi and will give back the money to Ram within 5 months.

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After 5 months Ram Balaji tried to contact Vidhya Sri he went in search of her but she relocated from there. Again, Ram Balaji tried  reaching her through her friend and he came to know that she is living with  her friend Ajith Kumar in Vaagaikulam near Madurai. Ram Balaji reached her  house and asked for his money but she  treated him ill and also threatened him. So he raised a complaint again in the Anna Nagar police station which was forwarded to the Alanganallur police station.

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Screenshot 2023 03 11 at 12.24.53 PM min
Vadipatti court

The Alanganallur police didn’t take  any action on the issue. So, Ram Balaji filed a case in Vadipatti court. Court redirected the Alanganallur police to take due action against Vidhya Sri and her friend Ajith Kumar. As a result, Police arrested them on  Thursday night at Vaagaikulam.

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