Madras HC Slammed Election Commission For Allowing Political Rallies !!

On Monday, The Madras high court slammed the Election commission of India for allowing political rallies and blamed the authorities of it as the sole responsible for the second wave of COVID 19 virus. Chief Justice Sanjib Benerjee expressed his disappointment over the Election commission for failing to make sure political parties follow the COVID 19 restrictions. He said that the institution of Election commission is “singularly-responsible” for the second wave of COVID 19 virus.

“Officers of the Election commission should be booked on murder charges probably” said Sanjib Banerjee according to Live law. When the counsel of election commission said that the COVID 19 norms were followed during the election period, the Chief Justice, reportedly asked whether he was another planet when the political rallies were held.

The Chief Justice, further said, that a citizen could be able to enjoy the rights that a democratic republic guarantees only if he survives and expressed his distress over the authorities of the constitution. “Public health is of paramount importance and it is distressing that constitutional authorities have to be reminded in this regard” Sanjib Benerjee said according to reports.

The High court also warned that it will stop the counting on May 2 if the Election commission fails to ensure a proper plan to follow the norms of COVID 19 virus on that day. He said that the current situation is about survival and protection and made sure that everything else comes next.

The High court wanted the Election commission to hold a consultation with the State Health Secretary and place on record a plan to enforce COVUD 19 protocol on counting day by 30th of April. On Sunday, state Tamil nadu saw a complete lockdown with people staying indoors to prevent the spread of the deadly virus which killed 82 people in the last 24 hours.

So far, the state has registered 1 million plus COVID 19 positive cases with 13,475 deaths. 9,63,251 people were recovered so far with the entire country combatting 17 million positive cases. Many people who came to know about the statement of the chief justice, reacted in various ways. Check out some of them below :


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